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Irrigation Training Institute (ITI)


Irrigation department was established in 1900 by the British Government. The entry of Sri Lankans in to the field of Irrigation Engineering become possible when the department established their own training institute called Irrigation training center (ITC) in the Island which origin in 1907 at Trincomalee, just seven years after the establishment of the Irrigation department

The training center thus started was shifted to various parts of the country finally the Galgamuwa was selected as the Ideal location & there the training center was established on 1st January 1959. Name of the institution was also changed from time to time. The irrigation training center (ITC) becomes Technical training institute (TTI) marking the first change. In 1974 the name was changed as in-service training institute (ITT) and when the regular diploma training was restarted in 1980 the name was again changed as Irrigation training Institute (ITI)


Irrigation training Institute (ITI) is located in Kurunegala district Galgamuwa divisional secretariat division.  From Galgamuwa town proceeds towards the meegalawa road about 1.5 km the ITI can be located on the left side.

Currently the Irrigation training institute is functioned under the training branch of the head office, Director of irrigation training & capacity development is the head of the training branch. Director of ITI is the head of this institution (ITI) & permanent academic staff consists of Engineers and Engineering assistants is available for the training activates & lectures for the diploma trainees.


Presently the Irrigation training Institute is enhanced with the facilities of lecture halls with modern lecturing techniques & equipments, residential facility of about 150 at a time, Dinning facility about 100 at a time. Also have computer laboratory facility to 50 at a time & Quarters for the permanent Academic staff.

Services & key functions of ITI

  • Conduct the two year full time residential course on Diploma in Irrigation Engineering
  • Conduct the in-service training programs to Irrigation officials in different categories
  • Conduct short term training programs for outsiders (Government & non Government officials according to their request)
  • Conducting farmer training programs
  • Conducting practical examinations for Engineering Assistants (JTE- junior technical examination, STE – Senior technical examination)
  • Conducting survey camps for HNDE & university students
  • The training institute undertakes the practical works such as calibration of flow, Designs & consultation & lecturing at universities on Irrigation field.

Current activates & Training programs

  • Currently three batches of trainee students are following the Diploma in irrigation Engineering, Full time residential course at ITI
    • Diploma in Irrigation Engineering  2011/2013
      No of students – 65 ( commenced on February 2011)
    • Diploma in Irrigation Engineering  2012/2014 A
      No of students – 32 ( commenced on November 2011)
    • Diploma in Irrigation Engineering  2012/2014 B
      No of students – 90 ( commenced on June 2012)

Subjects covered under the  Diploma in irrigation Engineering

DIE 200 Surveying & leveling
DIE 201 Civil Engineering Construction
DIE 202 Strength of materials /structures/soil mechanics
DIE 203 Irrigation & Drainage
DIE 204
Design procedures/Drawings/Drafting standards
DIE 205 Fluid Mechanics
DIE 206 Mathematics / Computer & Information Technology
DIE 207 Quantity surveying /Data for costing/Estimation
DIE 208 Water management
DIE 209 Accounts & Store Management
DIE 210 English
  • In-service & other training programs  conducted during  year 2012

Residential In-Service Trainings, Awareness Programmes, Exams & Workshops Conducted During  Year 2012

No Description of Programme No of Participant Duration (Days)
01 Training for new soil testers and Drilling Assistants 33 05
02 Senior Technical Examination  - 2011 (Practical) 07 04
03 Practical Exam for NDT Qualified trainee EAA 35 02
04 Training for newly recruited Engineering Assistants of Irrigation Department 13 07
05 Senior Technical Examination  - 2012  (Practical) 09 04
06 Awareness program on open source applications for Civil Engineering material surveying 22 01
07 Survey Camp for HNDE (Civil) students 66 13
08 NDT Ranking Exam - 2012 02 02
09 Senior Technical Examination 14 04
10 Induction Training Program for newly recruited Engineers of the Irrigation Department 19 04
11 New Badge (Diploma in Irrigation Engineering) 84 03
12 Training Program for civil Engineering Material Surveyors of the Irrigation Department 20 05
13 Training program on investigation design & construction of minor & medium Irrigation works for the Technical officers of FAO assisted IIALD Project 25 04
14 Induction Training program for newly recruited field Assistant of the Irrigation Department 55 02
15 Junior Technical Examination 18 04
16 Junior Technical Examination 18 04
17 Practical Exam for NDT/HNDE/NDES Qualified trainee EAA 2012 06 04
18 Junior Technical Examination Part II 36 04
19 Familiarization training on SOKKIA CX - 102 Total Station 19 01
20 Junior Technical Examination 03 02
21 Training Program on ARC - GIS for Hydrological Assistants / Total Station and estimation for Hydrological Field Assistant 17 03
22 Training of Co-trainers 7 Training Coordinators 38 02
23 Refresher course for Senior Technical Exam 17 05
24 HNDE Civil Engineering survey camp - 2012 73 15

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