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Dam Safety

Key Functions


1.  Ensuring safety of dams by monitoring evaluation and coordinating for regular inspections

of dams and readiness to face North East Monsoon.


2.  Evolving guidelines to streamline dam safety practices.


3.  Developing and updating of standing orders for dam operations for safety of dams and

flood control.


4.  Compilation of technical data and historical events of dams.


5.  Coordination with specialized divisions, outside service organizations and professional

bodies  to carry out inspections, investigations and implementation of remedial measures

for safety requirements of dams.


6.  Monitoring the annual works programs under the votes of Improvements to head Works for

Additional Safety and Electrical & Electromechanical Installation.


7. Maintain the Secretariat of Sri Lanka  National Committee on Large Dams of International

Commission on Large Dams.


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